DATE: 30/03/2012

PLACE: The Tamilnadu Dr.Ambedkar Law University


TARGET GROUP: Law Students from various colleges of Tamilnadu
Cheer’s first workshop was on the Rights of Vulnerable Groups. The workshop consisted of three sessions; a session for each vulnerable group. While there are many groups that can be termed vulnerable in the present day, we chose to pick the following groups, which have not received their dues from the society, making them invisible entities- The transgendered, the disabled and the homeless. Instead of lecture-heavy sessions, Cheer’s workshop added interactive sessions for the participants.
I Session: The Transgendered
It may outrage the sensitivity of many to consider this group as vulnerable, however, the truth is that the members of this community are subjected to multiple abuses. This session was presided by Miss. Jeeva, herself a transgender, who made a presentation on the transformation, lifestyle and problems faced by the people of her community. She also cleared several misconceptions about her community. The presentation was followed by a creative-debate session in which the participants were to argue on the topic ‘The Transgendered, the Law and the Society’.
II Session: The Disabled
Our guest speaker Prof.Ezhumalai, discussed current issues such as reservation for the disabled, barrier-free environment etc.The session included a collage competition for participant teams on the topic Barrier- Free Environment.
III Session: The Homeless
Out of all the vulnerable groups, it is the homeless that are pushed to fringes of our society with little or no legal identity and greater apathy. Prof. Sarah Karunakaran, from the Madras School of Social work discusses with the students, the problems faced by the homeless as well as the government in rehabilitating them. A video presentation was also made on the living conditions of the homeless, laws and recent judgments on the issue of homelessness.
Key Challenges Faced:
• Lack of information about the characteristics of the chosen groups.
• Pre- conceived and un-informed opinions.
Deliberating the rights of a particular group becomes difficult when the above mentioned circumstances exist. To completely understand the rights available or not available to such vulnerable groups, the groups’ attributes on its own and in relation to the law and society must be understood.

Date – 07/07/2016

Place – Cheer Office, Kilpauk

Our Intern Ms.Ramya Ganeshraam had conducted a workshop on fashion jewellery for the Transgendered. The participants were welcomed with refreshments, followed by an orientation session on Fashion Jewellery making.

The morning session commenced at, after each participant received a jewellery making kit. This session covered the basics of Terracotta jewellery making like Beads, Pendant, Earrings making. Also the method of baking the moulded products was taught and a video was shown to the participants. After a lunch break, the noon session covered the nuances of jewellery making. The method of painting the handmade moulds and the method of connecting the jewellery were taught.
Around the noon session ended with a power speech by the organiser and a Valedictory of the workshop commenced where Mrs.G.R.Kalaimathi, the Chief guest spoke about the values of co-operation and issued Certificates to the Participants.
The workshop's success was measure in the positive feedback from the transgendered participants, who said that the process made them connect more with their gender identity. This workshop, in a day, managed to encourage them to take up jewellery-making as a livelihood option.
Our special thanks to Miss. Swetha Sudhakar, President, Born2win Organisation, the donors and our volunteers Dharani Govindarajan Reddy Prem Anand.

Date – 24/07/2016

Place – Rlc, Katrampatti

Learning to REUSE water bottle @ Rural Learning Centre, Katrampatty. Sunday is always happy happy craft day for the kids and they will be waiting from 9am eventhough the centre opens @ 10am. We are getting complaints cum compliments that they always want to be at the centre. Children help among themselves with ideas. One kid told us, when they do these craft at home, their parents will scold them that they are not going to get any sketch or colours if they wasting like this. Kids felt free to implement their ideas through this craft. Piggy bank is quarter full with coins.

Date – 07/09/2016 – 09/092016

Place – Don Bosco Institute of Communication Arts

CHEER along with Ms. Kiruthiga Udayanidhi, Fr. A. Raj Mariasusai SDB, SPS India Foundation, Niraivagam and DBICA jointly organized a three day skill training programme for transgenders from 7th to 9th September 2016 at the Don Bosco Institute of Communication Arts, Chennai. Ten transgender persons participated in the training sessions. Our sincere thanks to Fr. Joseph Jeyaraj, Mr. Thaddeus & Mrs. Jyothi Thomas who were our soft skill experts for the training program. A special thanks to our volunteers and friends on social media, who spread the word around this project. We hope to make a bigger impact on the future!

Date – 30/07/2016

Place – Rlc, Katrampatti

Our RLC Sparrow's day started with gathering twig around the village Katrampatty. With little assistance from the co-ordinator, kids made photo frame, wall hanging, cot, swing, hut, tea pai table, pen stand, chair. As per one kid's idea, left over twig's were given to a neighbour old lady for combustion which can be used for cooking. I'm sure that we will be diverted from our look on craft towards their beautiful happy SMILE

Date – 15/06/2016

Place – Rane, Velachery

 CHEER's One Day Workshop on Waste Management, Environmental Exploitation, and Protection was carried out through videos, team building activities, followed by an awareness raising puppet show on Child Abuse. It was the first time ever we got opportunity to handle kids below 3rd standard and it was fun.

Date – 07/11/2015

Place – Dist Collectorate Office, Perambalur

CHEER team conducted a two day training program on Social work basics, its importance, future oppurtunities and puppetry for 1st & 2nd year BSW students of Bharathidasan University College, Perambalur (Governmenrt college). The training program was organized by Social welfare department, Perambalur and was conducted in the District Collectorate. The motto of the training program was to give rural students an extra skill to assist them in their future endeavors in their social work profession. The students were enthusiastic and eager to participate in the program and were even more inspired by the presence of the collector Dr.Darez Ahamed, I.A.S., Cheer team thank the collector and Mrs. Pechiammal of the social welfare department for providing us opportunity.

Place - Madras School of Social Work, Chennai

Cheer, conducted for the students of MSSW, Chennai, a 2 hour debate session on the topic YOUTH and Social Responsibility. Cheer sought to commence a debate on the role of youth in today’s society- whether they are aware of their responsibilities, whether they act in furtherance of such responsibilities etc,. The session was opened with the question on what one thing each participant would wish to change about the society they live in and proceeded to touch upon various questions such as, what has one done to extend his responsibility? Is one aware of the changing needs of the society? Are we in a position to embrace such changes through our actions? The limitations and hurdles in serving the society etc. The students exchanged their views on all these topics. Moral ethics seemed to be the ruling mood of the day. A majority of the students expressed their concern about one’s responsibility individually and as a group towards the environment. Advocate Gokul, a member of Cheer, moderated the debate to bring in new issues.
A small discussion was also had on the position of the Transgendered in the society. The President and Secretary of Cheer, also discussed informally with the students, their experiences in setting up the NGO and on-going projects/studies. The students eagerly participated in the debate, voicing their views on each question raised and bringing in fresh issues. The students were also asked to give ideas for projects involving the transgendered.